Gender Issues: Looking for Causes and Cures – Part One

By Susan Bowman

What is at the Root of the Today’s Gender Issues?

A young friend of mine broached the possibility that the confusion surrounding gender might be growing out of wide-spread exasperation. She wondered if the younger generation is fed up with the hatred between the genders that has found such devastating expression in a divorce epidemic. Many young people, and not so young, are survivors of divorce or the children of uncommitted parents. Many grew up in a bitter stew of blame and recrimination directed at the father they loved (or wanted to love) and the mother they loved (or wanted to love). Who wants to be a man if the man is bad or a woman if the woman is the cause of our family’s pain? If the man/woman would change or leave then we would be ok! That is the cry of many broken hearts.

Fathers, do not exasperate your children, so that they will not lose heart. Colossians 3:21

This is a sin problem, of course, and not a gender issue. Still, along with the narrowness and inequality of culturally assigned gender roles, it becomes easy to misdirect our pain and anger so that we blame gender instead of sin. Perhaps this is the thinking behind today’s embrace of “gender fluidity.” If our culture would make biological gender unimportant and insignificant, if we would place gender identity squarely in the hands of the individual, perhaps we can escape or, at least, minimize pain and confusion. Sadly, the outcome of tackling such a problem with human wisdom is more pain and confusion.

Recently, I reached out to another healing ministry – Aslan’s Place – for their advice about a deliverance problem and, in the wondrous way of the Lord, I didn’t get the help I asked for, but I was given help that I didn’t realize I needed. Brian Cox, discerning the activity of a misogynistic spirit, directed me to a prayer posted on his website:

This renunciation helps us repent of the abuses against women, both personal and generational, that have resulted in empowering a spirit of misogyny. As I prayed the renunciations, repenting for my ancestors and myself for any abuses committed against women, I began to realize that the prayer was dealing with the fruit (result) of a deeply rooted iniquity. I define iniquity as an intentional twisting and distorting of God’s sovereign design. When we commit iniquity, a root is created from which will grow a fruit-bearing tree. In this case, a certain ancient iniquity has grown hatred between the genders. I believe the original iniquity was woman placing man (the male) on the throne reserved for God and man allowing himself to be placed there. (I will look at this more closely in Part Three of this article).

Because a man is in no way equipped to be God to a woman, deep and bitter disappointment has resulted from this perversion of God’s design. Humanity’s wholesale rejection of a stable, honorable, God-created gender system designed to mirror Christ and His bride is just the most recent fruit borne out of this ancient iniquity.

So let’s get started on cleaning up the sin and iniquity that has come down to us via our generational line, starting with one kind of fruit being borne by the iniquity: the abuses against women. In Part 2 we will address the hatred of men and in Part 3 we will further explore the root iniquity, praying our way through as complete of a renunciation as I can write. John Sandford of Elijah House taught me that no tree is destroyed by picking its fruit. So stay with me please until we have dug down to the root iniquity and destroyed the tree at its deepest level.

When Women Are Hated (Deliverance from a Spirit of Misogyny)

Therefore, let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Hebrews 4:16 invites us to bring our needs into the presence of God. Since the invitation is clear, it is into this heavenly place that I bring generationally empowered sin, bondages and the “things I don’t know” (mysteries) in order to get help. So let us approach the throne of grace in this way.

Pray this: Eternal Father, Creator of all, I accept your invitation to approach the throne of grace in order to receive deliverance for my ancestral generational line (tribe) and for myself from a spirit of misogyny. I approach confidently because Your Son has given His life for me. I approach as a representative of my tribe, seeking the freedom and restoration purchased for us by Jesus Christ through His death and resurrection.

It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore, keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

Everyone before the throne of grace? Ok. Begin like this: Heavenly Father, on behalf of myself and my generational line, I stand before Your throne as a representative of my tribe to renounce, reject and repent …

Now please click on the link, pray through the renunciations then return here where I will explain some of the historically based renunciations and add a few of my own.


Additional Renunciations

  • I repent for blaming the woman (Eve) for all of the world’s troubles. I repent for any in my generational line who believed or propagated the lie that Lilith was the first woman, that she was created from the same earth as Adam, that she was a flawed creation and the mother of demons.
  • I repent for forcing women into arranged marriages and/or prostitution for the purpose of political gain. I repent for treating women as objects to be used without regard for their personhood.
  • I renounce and repent on my behalf and on behalf of all of my generational line for prorogating and believing the lie that women do not have souls.
  • I repent for believing and prorogating the lie that women are inferior to men and exist for the sole purpose of serving men.
  • I repent for robbing women of their personhood and silencing their voices.
  • I repent for all who have denied or limited access into various professions, declaring that the intellectual labor of a woman is not equal to that of a man and using that as an excuse to withhold equal pay and benefits.
  • I repent for the belief that women are supposed to suffer in childbirth.
  • For myself and my family line, I repent for all who have participated in obstetrical practices that considered the comfort of the physician more important than the wellbeing of the mother and/or child. I repent of all medical procedures performed for the convenience of the physician at the expense of the mother and/or child.
  • I repent for all those who blamed their wives for the failure to produce male children.
  • I repent for all who have twisted the intent of scripture in order to subjugate women within the institutions of marriage, church and community by withholding leadership positions, banishing women to the background, denying their callings, diminishing their gifts and denying the Word of God that declares all people equal in His eyes. (Galatians 3:28)

In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, I bring to the cross every debt owed to my generational line and to me by anyone who has hurt us by agreeing with and acting in partnership with a misogynist spirit. I ask that the Lord Jesus repay what is owned to us. I also bring all debts we owe to those we have hurt by agreeing with and acting in partnership with a misogynist spirit. I ask, Lord, that You would pay the debts we owe, restoring all that has been damaged or lost because of our sin.

Father God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, as you cleanse my generational line and as you cleanse me, I ask you to bless women with the confidence to walk bravely in their calling, looking only to You for validation and identity.

To be prayed by women: I bring every curse, judgment, criticism and condemnation I have ever spoken over myself and over other women to Jesus to be replaced with His blessings. I repent for any rage, resentment and disappointment directed at my Creator for making me a woman. I accept my female gender and bless my design.

To be prayed by all: Lord, I ask that every evil spirit involved in destroying the women in my tribe be held accountable by You for what they have done. I ask that these evil beings be judged by You and destroyed for their crimes against humanity. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


Droit du Seigneur: the supposed right claimable by a feudal lord to have sexual relations with the bride of a vassal on her first night of marriage.

Hysterectomies: I have been unable to locate any record of hysterectomies being performed as a cure for mental and emotional distress, (not to say that it hasn’t been done, just that I cannot locate records of it myself). BUT, historically, the medical community has blamed women’s emotional distresses (hysteria) on a “wandering womb.” In other words, the cause of emotional, mental and spiritual pain is because a person is biologically female.

Scopolamine: When combined with morphine, this drug produces a state called “twilight sleep.” The laboring woman feels pain, but doesn’t remember it after the drug wears off. Research reports that Scopolamine creates a psychotic state during which the laboring mother may need to be forcibly restrained while giving birth and may result in a failure to bond with the child.

Smiles and blessings!