The Pool


Susan Bowman founded The Pool Ministries in 2000 after completing her training as an Elijah House prayer minister. Elijah House has long been recognized as the premier training school for ministers of inner healing and deliverance. Since that time, she has continued to study with many other prominent inner healing and deliverance ministries.

For more than 20 years, Susan has served the body of Christ as an inner healer and deliverance minister. As well as working one-on-one with believers, she teaches the principles of inner healing and deliverance for the purpose of equipping the saints, prayer ministers and pastors to set God’s people free.

The Team

From its beginning, The Pool Ministries has been supported by a mighty team of volunteers. These men and women believe that God wants His people free from the pain of the past, able to sustain healthy relationships and walking with the Lord with their heads held high. 

To that end, they have faithfully supported the ministry with their prayers, giftings and finances.

The Mission

We are in the business of setting God's people free by teaching and applying effective inner healing and deliverance strategies and tools.

Once you understand how God designed you and what has broken that design, you are positioned for restoration, healing and maturity. You become capable of enjoying a meaningful relationship with your Creator and His Son Jesus Christ. 

From that essential relationship flows all good things.

A Helping Hand

Your support and contributions help us provide teaching and training materials for free or at a reduced cost. You are also helping us offer inner healing and deliverance prayer for those needing a helping hand. 

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